International Shipping

Do we provide International Shipping?
Yes, we do provide services to foreign countries. Read below for the details.

Online Payment
You can purchase online and pay online. We will check for the shipment price as the shipping charges may vary with respect to the country & location. Then we will mail to you the details, you can clarify your queries regarding the shipment and pay us the shipping charges again through NEFT Banking / Credit / Debit Card transfer. Once the payment is processed, we will ship your order and update you with the required details.

Offline Payment
You can purchase and pay offline as well. Select the Products you wish to buy from and mail the list/details to with your Details & Shipping Address. We will contact you with the details of Payment, Shipping and Delivery Information.

Note: If the value of your order is high then it will be better because the minimum charges for shipment is set high both in Private shipping services & Indian postal.

For more details & enquiries drop your mail to or feel free to call us @